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Pre Operative Advice

What do I do before I bring my pet in?
NO FOOD after 8pm the night before - an empty stomach is essential. Cats should be kept in so they do not hunt and are easily caught in the morning. Water can be freely available overnight. Please ensure your pet goes to the toilet prior to coming to the surgery. For safety, please have dogs on leads and cats in baskets.
What happens on the day of the procedure?

On the day scheduled to perform the procedure your pet will be admitted by a Nurse or Vet who will discuss the plan for the day, after checking a few details with you. If you are uncertain whether your pet has eaten please ensure you advise us.

If a pre-anaesthetic screen has been requested a blood sample will be taken and tested in our laboratory. The vet, who will be undertaking the procedure, will examine the results. If there are any abnormalities they will contact you to discuss.
Your pet will be taken to its kennel where a premed will be administered. This is a small injection that relaxes the patient. It reduces anxiety, aids a smoother anaesthetic and safer recovery. Within 10-20 minutes the patient is usually relaxed and becomes quite sleepy.
Anaesthetic and Procedure
When the vet is ready to start the procedure anaesthetic is administered. This is usually via a vein on the front leg and necessitates a small amount of hair being clipped away. The patient is normally asleep within seconds.





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