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Cattle Fertility and Routine Visits

We have a team approach to fertility management and encourage our clients to have regular visits with the vet of their choice to help in achieving fertility targets. Routine fertility visits allows us to monitor herd pregnancy performance, nutrition, production diseases biosecurity, condition scoring lameness and ultimately keep a very close eye on maximising the farm performance and productivity.
Many farmers are initially sceptical of more veterinary spend, but through our consultancy services, it has been proven time and time again that those farmers undertaking whole herd management and routine visits are significantly more profitable and have a much better handle on herd performance and biosecurity than those who do not. At the end of the day, it is all about maximising returns for our clients through good animal management  and welfare practices. Have a play with our fertility cost calculator ( see bottom of page) or ask our vets to chat to you with regards the benefits of getting more involved in helping you with your herd performance.
All vets involved in routine fertility work are experienced in ultrasound scanning but believe that herd fertility management does not start and finish at the back end of a cow and requires a thorough assessment of the unit as a whole business enterprise.

A significant impact on fertility statistics will be gained by the consistent involvement of all members of your team, in combination with the skills of your vet. Together we can improve oestrus detection, reduce the number of days from calving to conception, increase pregnancy rate and thereby increase your margins and overall profitability.

Management Tools
Off farm our main fertility management tool is Vetimpress and NMR Interherd , a specialist computer fertility management program that has replaced the DAISY system. Data is recorded on farm in the same manner and is combined with NMR data to allow a more thorough analysis of herd performance, generation of day to day management information, and the bureau service allows in depth disease level analysis and costings. Recent developments allow data from CIS recorded dairy herds to be integrated into Interherd analysis as well. We are currently using the Herd Companion site of NMR for benchmarking performance of herd Key Performance Indicators between herds of similar size and production. The next stage is to start target setting for improvement of KPIs using a whole farm team approach incorporating farm staff and other on farm advisors in the programme. We can also use the United management tool to perform similar functions in monitoring herd fertility. The importance of keeping even basic data is essential as without knowing where you are at any moment in time makes it impossible to monitor deterioration or improvement in your herds performance.

Keeping a close eye on herd fertility performance with weekly, fortnightly or monthly routine visits is absoluley key for the modern dairy farmer to maximise performance and profitability. Close teamwork between vet and farm owner and ALL farm staff with attention to detail in all aspects of the dairy business is what drives performance and profitability.

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